Probably The Best Automotive OBD Code Deleter In The World

What Is It?

The main purpose of the OBD X BOX is to Assist Technicians to Fix any elusive intermittent faults which may be present before or after repairs causing the Engine Management Light to come back on.

Unlike all existing OBD Scan Tools, the OBD X BOX uniquely shows and refreshes both registered and pending OBD Fault codes, all together, on the same page and at the same time.

Is There Something Unique About It?

Yes, there is. We believe no other OBD Code Deleter in the World allows codes to be individually selected and deleted in the same way the OBD X BOX allows. Technicians can use the OBD X BOX to select up to 32 codes which can be deleted repeatedly, and at up to 10 times a second, allowing Limp Mode to be re-set on most vehicles. If any new registered or pending codes come along that haven’t been selected, then code deletion is automatically paused. This allows the EML to come back on and alerts the driver a new and unknown DTC is present. This can be part of a 2-stage diagnostic process, first the Technicians Tool is used to help diagnose the original fault. If it’s decided to further monitor the vehicles intermittent DTC’s and to keep them deleted, a Fix Assist module can be temporarily installed to the vehicle for DTC logging purposes.

Who Should Buy One?

The OBD X BOX will appeal to every Motor Trade Professional in the world who already owns or has access to an OBD Scanner and some type of Manufacturer specific tool. The OBD X BOX is not instead of, but as well as all the other OBD Scan Tools they already have, it performs Amazing Functions no other OBD Scan Tool can, it compliments all other tools.

The OBD X BOX is particularly beneficial to all vehicle Breakdown and Recovery Services, for example the AA and RAC whose aim is to resolve roadside breakdowns rather than incur additional expensive recovery costs.

OBD X BOX Features

OBD X BOX Benefits

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OBD X BOX can assist in the repair and diagnosis of MOT emissions related Catalyst, DPF or EML vehicle failures.

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