Probably The Best Automotive OBD Code Deleter In The World

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“Deleting the EML for selected fault codes isn't that important, allowing it to come back on for any new unknown codes is”
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• OBD X BOX assists in the repair and diagnosis of MOT emissions related Catalyst, DPF or EML vehicle test failures.

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Master this new and innovative diagnostic approach and you will soon discover that problematic vehicles with intermittent OBD faults may become a thing of the past. Limp Mode can quickly be overridden on most vehicles with EGR, DPF, Turbo, MAF, Ad Blue and other Restricted Engine Performance faults. The OBD X BOX allows vehicles stuck in Limp Mode, sometimes at roadside, to often be driven rather than recovered back to the workshop, therefore saving on recovery costs.

Using the OBD X BOX in these situations allows vehicles to be road tested and even diagnosed before repairs are carried out. This really is an amazing and must have OBD Technicians tool!

The Fix Assist module can also be temporarily left on a vehicle should you wish to monitor and record how frequently some intermittent faults occur. This small module can audibly alert any occupants as to when and under precisely what engine conditions even some Pending Fault Codes have occurred. The driver’s valuable feedback, reporting back to the garage at what temperature, engine speed, load, time driven and frequency they heard the OBD X BOX beep Assists Technicians to find and diagnose those elusive engine management and Auto transmissions faults.

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The OBD X BOX is probably the best OBD code Deleter in the world, it may even be the best OBD code reader in the world. It is also known as a selective OBD delete Scanner or OBD delete reader or a selected OBD delete Scanner or selected OBD delete reader.

It can override limp mode and it can reset limp mode for selected OBD codes and for selective OBD codes. It can help with an intermittent EML fault or an intermittent engine management fault. It is also very useful when performing an OBD health check, it could be used instead of an ECU code delete or software code delete or software code erase. It can also be used to delete the EML or to cancel the EML or to turn off the Engine Management Light or to turn off the EML if a vehicle is in limp mode and to drive a vehicle in limp mode. All this can be done instead of an ECU remap for limp mode or remap to delete, erase or cancel the engine management light EML for a DPF fault, turbo fault or EGR fault. With all the above faults the OBD X BOX can delete limp mode or override limp mode and help to regen DPF in limp mode or regenerate DPF in limp mode vehicles or cars with limp mode DPF problems or DPF faults. The OBD X BOX can even help when vehicles have EGR limp mode or turbo limp mode or EGR limp or turbo limp faults. Some might even call it an OBD Killer.

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