The OBD X BOX has been developed by Bolton based, and owner of CRD Performance, Fuel Injection Specialist Eddie Zyla IMI and his team of experts getting this from an initial idea to a product available for the global market. 

The team is led by Bert Clegg FIMI as its Managing Director, Bert’s name may be familiar to many as the ex-head of Ford Service Equipment (FSE) Europe. He joins us with a vast knowledge of the motor industry, along with Eddie’s knowledge and with our head Software Engineer we then turned the idea into a reality. With our team of professionals in all aspects of this business, we feel we have all the qualities to support a worldwide automotive diagnostic tool market.

Being familiar with most OBD code delete Scanners currently available, an opportunity was seen to develop a tool that would be more interactive than anything already out there.

All other tools simply read and delete codes, some even display live data (which ours doesn’t) but none of them read and automatically delete selected codes only.

Eddie’s diagnostic approach has always been to check very quickly if the engine can be made to run properly, even before fixing any faults, often using pressure and signal emulation. Using this method not only confirms the engines’ mechanical ability before repairs but also gives the Technician an insight into what results to later expect.

We believe the OBD X BOX is the World’s first Automotive OBD interactive code deletion tool that can temporarily override a vehicle’s Limp Mode. Overriding it allows technicians to drive faulty vehicles and sometimes be able to evaluate how they perform before repairs are even carried out.

The optional Fix Assist module can even be temporarily installed to a vehicle to delete selected OBD codes and to log their occurrence, this information helps decide when to re-book vehicles for repair based on their fault code frequency.

Eddie discussed the OBD X BOX with a very well-known and respected Lecturer in the diagnostic world just before launch and he asked if we could add a feature that had never been done before, we listened to his invaluable advice and even delayed releasing the product to add this. We now have the Unique DTC Alerter as an additional function, we thank him so much for helping to turn this into an even more amazing product.

There is no other OBD code deletion Tool available from any other Scan tool manufacturer that can do ALL what the OBD X BOX does.

Quite deservedly, we believe The OBD X BOX to be the best Automotive OBD Code Deleter available in the World today.

About OBD X BOX 1

UK Manufactured


The OBD X BOX is made here in the UK using recycled materials where possible, we are proud to be associated with Darlington’s EMS of Stockport Manchester, a Blue-Chip company who manufacture and assemble the OBD X BOX.

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