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Who Can Buy One?

Only Motor Industry Professionals can purchase the OBD X BOX Kits as these are not available to the general public. To qualify you must fill in the online registration form and may be required in some instances to provide further information if we can’t verify you online. Once registered, you will be able to purchase any of the items in our shop, all items will be despatched to your registered address with a vat qualifying invoice.

OBD X BOX Programme

Please Note: Laptop Not Included

Are there are any other requirements?

Yes, you will need a laptop or tablet computer running windows 7, 10 or 11 and a vehicle specific Scan Tool (e.g. Snap On Scanner, Bosch KTS or Autel etc.) This is to confirm if any fault codes present are visible through Manufacturer only or can also be seen using the OBD-X-BOX through normal OBD.

An Android mobile Phone App will soon be available which can also be used with an Android tablet device.

Non-Trade Sales

The OBD X BOX is strictly available to the Motor Trade only for the obvious reasons we have already covered on this site. We are aware there are many car enthusiasts and DIY Mechanics who would be more than capable of using and understanding this unique new product and sometimes maybe better than a lot of Mechanics.

If as a member of the general public you really would like to purchase an OBD X BOX, please contact your usual garage and direct them to our website They may be happy to supply you with a unit and may even share some software with you, but that’s up to them, it’s their risk.

To list just one example why we are so reluctant to supply any units direct to non-trade customers please see this link.

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Purchasing Options

The OBD X BOX was originally developed as a handheld, PC based, OBD diagnostic scan tool to be used from inside the vehicle. To keep entry level costs low we decided against a built-in screen as most Technicians have access to a PC.

We soon realised there was a demand for a smaller, low-cost module that could be left on the vehicle in some instances, it’s for this reason we introduced the Fix Assist module kit.

Instead of integrating the Blue Tooth we opted for a Plug & Play device that’s easily removed and shared between other tools, removing this also leaves the OBD X BOX undetectable.

The Technician initially needs to purchase a Technicians Tool Kit or Fix Assist Plus Kit, these both come with every available accessory you may ever need.* Should they decide to leave a Fix Assist Kit on a vehicle, they can order one for “next day” from our Online shop. The OBD X BOX Fix Assist Kit comes in disposable packaging and with only a 16 pin OBD port lead.

Any other items you use from your Technicians or Fix Assist Kit (BT Module, OBD Extender, Speaker etc) can be ordered  separately online also.

If you’ve no intention of using it as a diagnostic tool on a regular basis and just need to try one on a vehicle as a “one off” then be sure of what you order. In addition to the Fix Assist Kit, you will at least need a BT Module or the USB diagnostic lead, it’s your choice, you will also need to buy a USB Card stick or Spanner stick with the latest software and Bluetooth drivers.

*USB Diagnostic lead only included in the Technicians Tool Kit.

Option 1    Technicians Tool Kit

This original version comes in a robust black ABS case, the handset has been designed to withstand regular workshop use, only extreme misuse could damage it. Any accessories you may ever need come neatly packaged in foam, a custom-made printed canvas carry bag is included, any Technician would be proud to have one of these in their toolbox.

ONLY £500.00 Plus Vat
£600.00 Vat Inclusive


Option 2    Fix Assist Plus Kit

This entry level piece of kit does exactly the same job as the OBD X BOX Technicians tool, it’s lighter duty handset and carry case may not be as robust, but it’s by no means not up to the job. Some Technicians will buy one of these low-cost option kits just to try for themselves how the OBD X BOX works and probably upgrade to the Technicians tool later.  

In the unlikely event it’s not for them, then all they need to do to get most of their money back is to sell it on to a customer as a selective code Deleter, so, no risk there then!

Only £375.00 Plus Vat
£450.00 Vat Inclusive

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Option 3    Fix Assist Kit 

Should you decide for whatever reason to temporarily leave on or to install an OBD X BOX to a vehicle, you will need to re-order a Fix Assist Kit. Be sure to also re-order any other accessories you may have used from your main tool kit.

Only £250.00 Plus Vat
£300.00 Vat Inclusive

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