OBD Health Check

single press codes refresh
1 second requests 2
play pause auto deleting
5 second delets 3
continuous codes delete
1 second counts 2
reset to factory settings

What a fantastic feature this is, it requests, deletes and counts, all in one go and with just one single button press, it’s so simple anyone can use it. Brilliant!

It’s generally known in the motor trade that some garages carry out or offer a vehicle Health check. The OBD X BOX Health Check differs by checking the Vehicles Engine Management System to see if there are any Registered or Pending Diagnostic Trouble Codes present or that later appear during road test.

This feature is also intended for use on problem vehicles which may be plagued with ongoing intermittent DTC’s causing the EML to come back on. As well as for Private customers, this works well on Trade Car Sales Vehicles which may have been purchased at Auction or from a dubious source with apparently “no faults”

Before sale, the Trader can now test drive the vehicle for a few miles with the OBD X BOX connected to check if any unexpected Pending or Registered DTC’s show up that could otherwise result in the new owner returning the vehicle. Using the OBD X BOX with its DTC counter will also help determine how serious or not a fault may be based on how many times individual codes re-occur before being automatically deleted.

When selected, the OBD X BOX continually Requests from the Vehicles ECU any Pending or Registered codes that may be present. The default frequency for this mode is 5 seconds or above (if already selected) although the frequency can be reduced it is not recommended for DTC accuracy purposes.

Any codes present are automatically added to the Auto Deleting list of the OBD X BOX but without Technicians having to manually select them. The OBD X BOX Deletes these DTCs in real time as and when they re-occur.

OBD X BOX Database

Every time the OBD X BOX deletes a code it Counts its individual occurrence and updates the DTC counter; this can be used later for diagnostic purposes.

Note. The maximum counter value for each code is 255 after which time it re-sets to Zero.

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