OBD X BOX vs Re-Map

OBD X BOX or Software Re-map, which is best?

This is not an easy question to answer, and for many reasons. Although an established method, ECU Code Delete Re-Maps are liked by some Technicians, but completely go against the grain with many Diagnostic Purists. They will often say things like“If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing properly” or “if you can’t afford the repairs, you shouldn’t be running a car”

Some people are just not in the real world, it’s not for us to judge others or to question their financial circumstances.

Wouldn’t it be great if all customers had deep pockets and Technicians always diagnosed vehicle faults correctly first-time round. We must face reality, let’s make no mistake, code deletion is now part of our everyday repairs, it’s been around for about 5 years now and like it or not, it’s here to stay. Using the OBD X BOX, unlike an ECU Re-Map, is easily reversed and has huge diagnostic benefits in assisting with repairs to vehicles.

“Deleting the EML for selected fault codes isn't that important, allowing it to come back on for any new unknown codes is”

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OBD X BOX Fix Assist

Permanently deleting fault codes isn’t liked by Diagnosticians generally because they may come to rely on some of these codes in future when diagnosing new faults. There are some Re-Mapping companies who even delete all codes when dealing with troublesome vehicles, this makes new fault diagnosis extremely difficult and should never be done.

Bench ECU Re-Mapping can be difficult and carries risk.

The main advantage of using the OBD X BOX instead of an ECU Re-Map is that when the module is unplugged, the vehicle returns to being completely standard. So, all of the Purist Diagnosticians who are against permanent ECU code deletions have at last an alternative option. If, however, you decide on the odd occasion to leave the OBD X BOX on a vehicle to delete unimportant codes, you at least know it can easily be reversed.

Having installed an OBD X BOX you have a further advantage of being able to easily add further fault codes to the delete list without additional Re-Mapping costs.

Limp Mode To Go Mode

Sometimes you will find the EML is on, and the vehicle is stuck in Limp Mode, using the ECU Re-Map method to delete codes in this situation won’t always delete Limp Mode. As engine Remappers ourselves, we often find we can delete a code and although the EML stays off the vehicle is still in Limp. The difference when using the OBD X BOX is the module actually sends a Delete Code Command message to the ECU, this clears the EML & often re-sets Limp Mode on most vehicles.

OBD X BOX Can Help with Re-Map Deletions

OBD Programming is much easier but the equipment is costly.

Using the OBD X BOX to delete selected fault codes and then further road testing the vehicle can help you decide which fault codes to delete with an ECU Re-Map. We’ve often found that when known codes are deleted and the vehicle taken on an extended drive cycle, more related or even non related codes can appear. Using the OBD X BOX to reveal these codes can save you time and possibly additional file costs.

Some Codes can't be Mapped out

Deleting every type, or every family of fault codes is not always possible using the ECU Re-Mapping method, some file providers cannot support all codes. We have noticed more Diesel than Petrol codes are covered, maybe this is because of the more troublesome nature of diesels and Re-Mappers demands. When using the OBD X BOX the general rule is, whichever fault codes can be read, can also be deleted.



Software Re-Map



Software Re-Map


If you are comfortable Re-Mapping ECU’s to delete fault codes there is no reason for you to change. If your work includes performance Re-Mapping and various function deletions, then you should carry on as you are. It may be a good idea however for you to purchase an OBD X BOX anyway for reasons we’ve already mentioned above.

If you disagree with fault code deletions and you prefer to repair vehicles “properly” then the OBD X BOX Technicians Tool and Fix Assist module is definitely for you. This amazing tool will enhance your diagnostic capabilities and change the way you currently deal with problematic vehicles.

You will learn how to interact more with your customers and will be pleasantly surprised to see how they at last become more understanding and willing to work with you.

Introducing customers to this new diagnostic method is a real eye opener as to the difficulties we as Technicians have to deal with on a daily basis. Whilst developing the OBD X BOX we  involved many customers and their general acceptance of this brand new diagnostic method was truly amazing.

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