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Most Scan Tool manufacturers charge an annual subscription fee for any new Software or Firmware updates. This ensures they can financially keep up to date with any vehicle Manufacturer changes which may require some additional and costly software reverse engineering to be carried out.

Some OBD Scan Tools continue working as normal, without being updated, even when their subscription expires, there are others that “time out” and stop working completely until payment is made.

We know how frustrating this can be, so we’ve made it our policy from the start not to time out and not to charge for any new updates.

Firmware update

We believe that any changes or improvements we make to the OBD X BOX should be available for free. We want our customers to always be able to download for free any new updates, after all, it’s also in our interests to maintain this as The Best OBD Code Deleter in the World.

There is just one exception

Customers who purchase the comprehensive all inclusive Technicians Tool kit will be entitled to all future function updates completely free of charge. We don’t know what these might be but if we do make them available to users of the Fix Assist modules there may be additional charges.

 All users will automatically be made aware when any new updates are available online as soon as they click to open the OBD X BOX Application and should follow the link.

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